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Welcome to Drug Guides Pharmaceutical Bookshop

Drug Guides is a highly specialised pharmaceutical bookshop focused exclusively on the leading drug guides for pharmacists, dentists, opticians, doctors, nurses, nursing home managers & other professionals involved in the prescription or administration of drugs.

The New BNF 74 & BNF For Children 2017/18


Order British National Formulary 74 (BNF 74)

Order BNF For Children 2017-2018 (BNFC 17/18)

Every year we sell thousands of British National Formulary (BNF & BNFC), Stockley's, Martindale and a wide selection of other pharmacy books to NHS Trusts, hospital groups, private clincs, care homes, hospices, pharmacists and healthcare professionals from around the world - all benefiting from expert advice, fast delivery and a generous online discount on every purchase.

We Now Sell Controlled Drug Registers

We now stock a range of popular CDRs suitable for pharmacies, hospitals and care & nursing homes for next-day delivery. View the full controlled drug register range now.



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